Issues with Todoist and Evernote Integration

I set up one existing notebook to be set up as a project in Todoist. While the notebook appeared in the Todoist projects list nearly instantly, it took several hours before the reminders appeared. Subsequent items did appear much faster.

The Evernote reminder titles appear in Todoist as an active link to Evernote, which is indicated by an Evernote icon. I click the link and the Evernote web app loads in a new tab but it does not take me to the note, instead I am seeing the entire Notes list.

Clicking an Evernote reminder/task item in the Todoist Android app loads the item in the Evernote web app rather than in the Evernote Android app. It would be much better if it opened the item in the Evernote Android app.

I am not able to set up a second Notebook to sync with Todoist.

  • First, I load the Todoist Powerapp site and log in.

  • Click Edit in the Evernote Sync item on the dashboard. The Evernote Sync options appears.

  • Click the slider next to a notebook that I want to sync.

  • Click Save. Nothing happens.

  • Click back to the dashboard, then go back in to the Evernote service and observe that the notebook selection that I made did not stick.

  • I tried clicking sync now, get a message that Evernote sync will be scheduled. However, the slider next to the second notebook that I selected is back to the off position.

  • I've been testing this in Chrome. Thinking perhaps it will work with Internet Explorer, but I see the same behavior.

Last built: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 3:26 PM

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