Apple World Wide Developers Conference

The conference is starting soon. I wonder what new things Apple might announce?

WatchOS = Apple is distinguishing iOS from watchOS. Apple loves lower case.

Magnify the mouse cursor so one can find it easily, and the crowd goes wild.

Apple has updated OS X to match features found in Windows and other operating systems. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

And Siri is going to be more proactive. Where have I heard that before? Cortana? Google Now? I do think that Google needs to give Now more ability to control the device

At the time that Google switched to "Android Pay," Apple renames Passbook to Wallet. Although, Google Wallet still lives and I think is mostly about loyalty cards.

Lower case letters on the iOS keyboard? They also added made it easier to work with external keyboards.

Split screen/multi windows is called Slide Over, slide in from the right. The demo is being shown with the iPad being held in landscape.

Apple is open sourcing Swift. And the developers go wild!

iOS 9 will be available for just about ever iPad and iPhone that people are using. Beta is being released today.

I wonder how much that picture in picture feature will actually be used on an iPad?

One more thing.... Apple (logo) Music. Apple is bringing back radio, making it global with real DJs. I wonder how much advertising that 24/7 global radio station will have? Social network for artists and fans. This Apple Music part of the keynote is painful to watch. Wonder if Steve would let this happen?

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