Connected the Surface 3 to the Microsoft Wireless display adapter, which uses Miracast, and discovered that it displays at a very low resolution (1366 x 768) on my HP EliteDisplay S240ml. Found out that others are having the problem, and turns out to be some type of conflict with Bluetooth. Turn bluetooth off and I can then get 1920 x 1080 display.

According to the support thread, the issue has to do with the latest Intel video driver for the Surface that for some reason is dropping resolution down to 1366 x 768 whenever it detects a bluetooth device other than the Surface Pen is connected.

The solution is to either turn bluetooth off or not use any devices other than the Surface Pen.

I can report that any time I connect a bluetooth device, or even turn it on or off, the wireless display disconnects. What this means to me is that for now I cannot use the Logitech k480 keyboard with the Surface if I want to connect the Surface to my monitor via the wireless adapter.

My workaround is to use the Logitech mouse and keyboard that connects via a USB dongle with the Surface. The result is that I have keyboard, video, and mouse all wireless attached to the Surface even if to do so requires a little work on my part to plug in the USB dongle.

An interesting side note. If you turn off bluetooth you can still use the Surface Pen with the Surface. I imagine bluetooth only needs to be on for the initial pairing. UPDATE: I discovered that the top button on the Pen uses bluetooth. If bluetooth is turned of the top button on the Pen does not work.

One more issue, there doesn't appear to be a fast way to make the Miracast connection from the Surface. The Windows key+P combination to project does not provide an option for wireless display; It should. The fastest approach is to go to the Start Screen and start typing wireless, which will bring up a search box of all wireless items on the Surface, including connect to wireless display.

06/08/15; 05:23:46 PM

I set up one existing notebook to be set up as a project in Todoist. While the notebook appeared in the Todoist projects list nearly instantly, it took several hours before the reminders appeared. Subsequent items did appear much faster.

The Evernote reminder titles appear in Todoist as an active link to Evernote, which is indicated by an Evernote icon. I click the link and the Evernote web app loads in a new tab but it does not take me to the note, instead I am seeing the entire Notes list.

Clicking an Evernote reminder/task item in the Todoist Android app loads the item in the Evernote web app rather than in the Evernote Android app. It would be much better if it opened the item in the Evernote Android app.

I am not able to set up a second Notebook to sync with Todoist.

  • First, I load the Todoist Powerapp site and log in.

  • Click Edit in the Evernote Sync item on the dashboard. The Evernote Sync options appears.

  • Click the slider next to a notebook that I want to sync.

  • Click Save. Nothing happens.

  • Click back to the dashboard, then go back in to the Evernote service and observe that the notebook selection that I made did not stick.

  • I tried clicking sync now, get a message that Evernote sync will be scheduled. However, the slider next to the second notebook that I selected is back to the off position.

  • I've been testing this in Chrome. Thinking perhaps it will work with Internet Explorer, but I see the same behavior.

06/08/15; 01:25:33 PM

The conference is starting soon. I wonder what new things Apple might announce?

WatchOS = Apple is distinguishing iOS from watchOS. Apple loves lower case.

Magnify the mouse cursor so one can find it easily, and the crowd goes wild.

Apple has updated OS X to match features found in Windows and other operating systems. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

And Siri is going to be more proactive. Where have I heard that before? Cortana? Google Now? I do think that Google needs to give Now more ability to control the device

At the time that Google switched to "Android Pay," Apple renames Passbook to Wallet. Although, Google Wallet still lives and I think is mostly about loyalty cards.

Lower case letters on the iOS keyboard? They also added made it easier to work with external keyboards.

Split screen/multi windows is called Slide Over, slide in from the right. The demo is being shown with the iPad being held in landscape.

Apple is open sourcing Swift. And the developers go wild!

iOS 9 will be available for just about ever iPad and iPhone that people are using. Beta is being released today.

I wonder how much that picture in picture feature will actually be used on an iPad?

One more thing.... Apple (logo) Music. Apple is bringing back radio, making it global with real DJs. I wonder how much advertising that 24/7 global radio station will have? Social network for artists and fans. This Apple Music part of the keynote is painful to watch. Wonder if Steve would let this happen?

06/08/15; 12:02:00 PM

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