Setting Up My Nexus 6P

My new Nexus 6P arrived this afternoon, and I am in the process of setting it up, but not after a brief panic. Before I swapped the SIM card from the Moto X to the 6P, I popped the Folio case on to the 6P. The case has a real tight fit and I had a real hard time getting it off.

Eventually I was able to push the upper left corner of the bottom part of the case off the phone and work the case off the rest of the phone. Anyone reading this who is planning to use the Folio case on the 6P ought to keep in mind that you won't easily be taking it on and off the phone.

I moved the SIM card from the Moto X to the Nexus 6P and started up both phones. One of the first things you do is set up the finger print scanning to access the phone, I've configured Nexus Imprint to read both of my index fingers. Like everyone says, the fingerprint scan is very fast, when you pick up the phone and place your finger on the scanner, it instantly unlocks.

Got to the spot where the 6P asked whether I was migrating from another Android phone, and if so I could use the Nearby Device feature to transfer settings from the old to the new phone. You tap Set Up Nearby Device in Google settings on the source phone.

The transfer sent my Google account info to the new phone via Wifi, and I was then prompted to enter the passwords for the two accounts that I use. Nearby Device Set Up configures all of the home screens, including widgets, app folders, and icons on the new phone to match your old phone. Icons for apps not yet on the phone are in gray until the app installs.

Right now the phone is in the process of installing all of the apps I use, and this is going to take some time because I have a fair number of apps to install. I wonder whether the app settings are going to be restored, or whether I will have to set them up, such as configuring Facebook and Twitter to log on to my account.

Turns out that you do have to re-configure any app that has a logon id and password, which is a good number of the apps that I have on my phone. It took me most of the evening to casually go through my apps like Facebook and Twitter to go through each one, the process from moving from an old Android phone to a new one is still too long.

Last built: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 3:26 PM

By Frank McPherson, Friday, November 6, 2015 at 7:31 PM. When in doubt, blog.