Dave has been developing a new iteration of his blogging software that is similar to how EditThisPage worked. Like his other work, it is a nodejs app that utilizes Twitter for user authentication. What I find interesting is that the app appears to be an enhancement to his NodeStorage app.

I've signed up to the Google group dedicated for the app and installed it on my Debian virtual server that I originally used to host FargoPublisher. Installation was very easy, the most time consuming part was registering a new domain.

While I am looking forward to playing with the new software, I am uncertain whether I want to move my blogging environment to this platform, mostly because I prefer working in an outliner. My big wish is that I could easily host the content I write in Fargo to a web server that did not require FargoPublisher as a front end.

Today, all websites on the frankmcpherson.net domain are physically hosted on Amazon S3 but use the FargoPublisher app as a front end. Basically, when you access notes.frankmcpherson.net, FargoPublisher the URL resolves to the server hosting FargoPublisher and the app uses the top level node to determine the directory on S3 that contains the content and redirects to the proper HTML file.

The problem I have with this approach is that if FargoPublisher goes down, all my blog web sites go down because the app is not running to receive the request and do the appropriate redirect. I would rather dedicate FargoPublisher for just publishing content to a web server but not actually providing the front end.

I probably can make what I want work, but I suspect that it might be easier to do so in Dave's new blogging software.

04/14/16; 04:22:37 PM

I am starting to see a high frequency of error messages coming from Dropbox. There have been other reports on the support email list for Fargo that suggest Dropbox may have changed their API. My fear is that Dave is not going to make any fixes if they are required.

04/01/16; 10:27:14 AM

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By Frank McPherson, Friday, April 1, 2016 at 10:27 AM.