Resetting Moto 360

Once again my my Moto 360 has become a hot mess, not able to sustain a connection with my Nexus 6P and burning through battery much too quickly. Just yesterday it updated to the lastest version of Android, Version 6, aka marshmallow, but that does not seem to make much difference. Therefore, I have decided to factory reset the watch and start over.

Android Wear still requires that the watch have 80% charge before you can pair it to a phone, so first I have to recharge the Moto 360.

The watch has re-charged and I've repaired it to my Nexus 6P, and it is now at the synching step and taking what seems to me to be in incredible amount of time. It has been sitting at "syncing 1 of 58" for several minutes with no apparent progress. I did another reset of the 360 and uninstalled Android Wear and Moto Connect from the 6P, rebooted the 6P and started over.

After reinstalling Android Wear and recharging the Moto 360, sync progress is now observed.

There are a few annoying things that I have discovered about the 1.4 version of Android Wear, which is based on Android 6.0. The big one is that there is no longer a Restart option in Settings, to restart the Moto 360 you shut the watch down and then turn it on, however I have had a challenge getting the watch to start without putting the watch on a cradle. You have to press and hold the crown button until the watch comes on and that seems to make much longer than one expects.

Last built: Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 9:15 AM

By Frank McPherson, Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 11:22 AM. We don't need no stinkin rock stars.