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Tests using Surface 3, Chrome and DSL Reports

  • The dinning room table on a 2.4 Ghz network:

  • The basement at 2.4 GHz

  • The dinning room table at 5 GHz:

  • The basement on the 5 GHz network:

So, I have slightly faster speeds at 5GHz although the WiFi signal is not as strong. According to Wi-Fi analyzer, the 2.4GHz network is slightlight lower dBm than the 5GHz.

Testing with Nexus 9, using Ookla speed test because DLS Reports keeps saying browser is running too slowly.

Note that the tests on the Surface 3 were done in a web browser via DLS Reports, which is also testing for bufferbloat, while the Nexus 9 tests are done in an app with no bufferbloat testing.

Tests using HP Chromebox, Chrome, and DSL Reports

  • Basement on 2.4 GHz network

  • Basement on 5 GHz network

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