Upgrading My Surface 3 To Windows 10

I begin the upgrade at 10:00 AM; the upgrade appears to be finished at 11:00 AM, taking one hour. I am currently at the welcome back screen, so at this point I assume that the upgrade itself is complete and all that is left is for me to explore.

The beginning

  • The Windows 10 task bar "bug" was displaying this morning, and when I clicked it I got a message saying that my free Windows 10 upgrade is here! I clicked Ok, let's continue.

  • I did a quick scan on Twitter, #Windows10 and didn't see any screams of pain, so I am guessing people are not finding the upgrade process horrific.

  • First, I got Microsoft's software license terms, Accept. More preparing for the upgrade. I can either schedule the upgrade to occur later, or start the upgrade now. I think I am going to get a cup of coffee before starting the upgrade.

Configuring update for Windows 10

  • Made sure the Surface 3 is plugged in to power

  • Started the upgrade at 9:56 AM

  • PC restarted.

  • Configuring update for Windows 10.

  • Seeing lots of "Brazillian Date" pics using the #Windows10 hashtag on Twitter. Somebodies are capitalizing on the fact that Brazil is one of Microsoft's "live" locations for the upgrade.

  • 70% complete at 10:03 AM. This is going pretty quick. Helped by the fact that the install bits were downloaded either last night or during the week. Downloading the software can account for a good percent of the upgrade time with desktop OS upgrades. Pushing the upgrade bits prior to notification that the upgrade is ready is a page out of the smartphone OS upgrade playbook, and well done in this instance. It gets past the "busy server" issue of everyone downloading the software.

  • 100% at 10:06 AM, and then a reboot.


  • Hmm... another upgrade progress window now appears, starting at 0%, and at the bottom of the screen it says Copying files 2%. So then, what does the "Configuring update" and percentages above mean? It feels a little bit like false advertising. The Upgrading Windows progress screen is telling me my PC will restart serveral times. Sit back and relax. OK.

  • 22% at 10:25; Copy files 75% complete

  • 10:28 AM, reboot, I assume because Copy files completed. Hmm... screen has just gone completely blank after showing the Surface boot. Now the Upgrading Windows screen re-appears at 30% (10:30 AM). It now says at the bottom that it is Installing features and drivers 6%.

  • Because I am upgrading a tablet, I expect installing features and drivers to go pretty quickly, it is not like there is a tone of cards in this computer. So far 30 minutes has elapsed during the upgrade, and comparing this upgrade in my mind to other tablet upgrades, it seems to me this upgrade is taking much longer. On the gripping hand, Windows 10 is a full computer operating system as opposed to an "optimized" operating system such as iOS and Android.

  • 40% complete at 10:33 AM

  • Quick comparison, a #Windows10 search on Twitter does surface much useful information. A #Windows10 search on Google+ appears to have more useful info. I really hope that Google+ does end up in the dustbin like Reader and Wave, I think Google+ is a much more valuable community and has much more useful information than other social networks. I am not even sure what will replace Google+ if it goes away.

  • 50% complete at 10:43 AM. Is this the real progress?

  • 71% complete at 10:53 AM

  • 10:55 AM reboot, 75% complete. Configuring settings

  • 83% complete at 10:57 AM, one hour has elapsed.

  • 99% complete at 11:03 AM.

Initial set up

  • At 11:03 AM I see a "Hi there, welcome back!" At this point I need to pause to finish some other stuff that I am working on.

  • 11:49 AM, clicked Continue. See settings options, select Use Express settings. Problems getting screen recognize mouse clicks from touch keyboard, suddenly clicks are recognized and I click through several screens.

  • Now I see a screen with a blue background, time and date display, with what I think is a WiFi network indicator and battery level.

  • Swipe up, and I see a Password screen, my picture, and a "Window" with a light display. Do go towards the light?

  • Enter password... logs on, now Windows 10 says Hi, it's setting up my apps. This won't take long, or so says Windows 10. Will Cortana talk to me?

  • Now Windows 10 is taking care of a few things. Like setting up my apps, I think.

  • Finally, screen says Lets Start. I end up at the desktop, nice wallpaper that has someone running on a beach, beautiful blue sky, all should be well, it seems to say. Skype for Desktop starts up, it looks like I have a little bit of exploring to do.

At this point, I believe the upgrade is complete, now it's time for me to explore Windows 10 and I am going to start a new blog post about my initial experiences.

Last built: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 3:26 PM

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