Two Wishes of Amazon Echo

I am greatly enjoying the Amazon Echo that I have in my basement home office. In particular, I enjoy the ability to control my Phillips Hue lights by voice command: "Alexa, turn on living room light." Unfortunately, Echo sits in the basement and therefore I cannot ask it to turn on the living room light unless I am carrying its remote.

I wish that Amazon would enable the Echo app to be a remote control, particularly by voice commands. I carry my smartphone everywhere, so chances are good I will have it with me when I want to turn on the lights. The remote is not as convenient as speaking to Echo because I have to push a button, but Google also provides a way to integrate with Google Now and Voice Search so there could be a way. I am imagining at the least pushing a button in the Echo app and saying "turn on living room light."

By the way, this is such a Star Trek moment. If Amazon would allow me to configure Echo's hot word, I would change it to "computer." (Make this my third wish)

For bonus points, Amazon could make an Android Wear version of Echo that would enable Android Wear to be a remote control for Echo.

Speaking of my living room, in it I have a Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker that we use with our smartphones and iPod for playing music. I am enjoying streaming Prime Music with Echo in the basement, but what if Echo could pair with the Soundlink and use it as a speaker? I could say, "Alexa play prime top country playlist in living room" and the Echo connected to the Soundlink and started playing music in the living room. Echo could be a poor man's Sonos.

The bottom line is that I think Echo could become Amazon's most important product if it becomes integral in how we use our homes. However, Amazon does need to have a plan for homes like mine with multiple floors, and buying a $200 Echo for each floor is not a solution.

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By Frank McPherson, Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 8:19 AM. All baking done on premises.