Installing Android 5.1 on Nexus 7

Turned the Nexus 7 on for the first time in a while, after updating a ton of apps, I checked the settings for a system update, and sure enough 5.1 was available.

I am anxious to get this update on my Nexus 9 because of the promised performance improvements. It will be interesting to see how well 5.1 performs on the Nexus 7, which has been noticeably slow ever since I upgraded it to Lollipop.

  • The Nexus 9 was recently upgraded to Android 5.0.2 and ever since I have been seeing far fewer app shutdowns do to memory leaks. Performance is better.

Android Central: What's New in Android 5.1

Well, that's interesting, I just received a notice that Android 5.1.1 update just downloaded. Restart and install in progress. It's a small update, so I am guessing it is a bug fix to Android 5.1.

Last built: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 3:26 PM

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