About Noteblog

Some thoughts about the latest evolution of Scripting News and it's integration with Fargo.

Dave is calling the new format a noteblog. I've been writing Notes From The Cave from the beginning, so it should be a natural fit. :blush:

What I see:

  • I am not sold on the background image. I find it distracting. Maybe I am just an old fart, but I like the simplicity of black text on a white background. You know, like paper. And I think the readable fonts are nice.

  • On the other hand, the new layout renders really nicely on my smartphone and the background image is less distracting because the text covers most of the screen.

  • While rendering is perfect on my smartphone, it's not so good on my 8-inch tablet, the Galaxy Note 8. Text is being cut off on the right side of the page. I need to check this out on my Nexus 7. I see the same problem on the Nexus 7.

  • I am not liking the way the fonts look on a large screen, they are all jagged. So far the only place where the noteblog layout looks good to me is on smartphones.

Poking around the OPML for the noteblog:

  • Dave is calling each "post" an idea. Or least that is what the type is.

  • The #type for the main page is "stream"

  • I just noticed that hyperlinks within ideas are in square brackets.

So, the noteblog is a stream of ideas. Nice. But, is that a blog? Basically, what I am seeing here is a merge of the linkblog, which is where links are shared and commented upon, and blog stories.

So far, Dave hasn't provided an example of a story plopped on the stream. I suspect that is going to be a node in the outline with a type of medium.

Here is the contrast then. When you go to the top level of this site you see paragraphs of words some of which may contain hyperlinks. When you go to Dave's noteblog site you see sentences of words, most of which contain at least one hyperlink. Put in context of prior work, the noteblog looks more to me like a linkblog, when when I think about it is pretty much how Scripting News looked when I first found it.

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